April Reflections

Hello, M.E.C.A. families! We hope you enjoyed the first full month of spring.

Wow, May is already upon us. April was a fabulous month for outdoor exploration even with some of the cooler temperatures. We made it out to Morse Farm in Montpelier for sugar on snow where we learned the new-school process for retrieving sap from the trees and boiling it into the wonderful syrup we are known for here in Vermont. We then went inside to enjoy sugar on snow, which was a new experience for most of us! Deliciously sticky! We also started off the month with a couple of crafts – rain, rain go away and wind chimes made out of popsicle sticks.

During the second week we spent a little less time in our craft department and a little more time with free play and outside time. As the weather gets nicer we like to spend as much time outside adventuring about after the long winter season! We take a lot of hikes out into the woods out back where the children are free to use their imagination through the winding paths, trees, and streams that we pass along the way.

Week three was vacation week for the district, but M.E.C.A. continued through the week! We wanted to make this super fun for the children attending (like all weeks!), and not make it feel quite as similar to a regular school day/week. Since Easter was upon us the following weekend we based a lot of our activities and crafts around the holiday. We also took advantage of some of the nicer weather and had a picnic outside and ventured into the woods.

The end of the month surprised us with some sunny days, cooler, but sunny! We continued with the Easter themed crafts, and had a fun Easter egg hunt at the end of the week in which we hid small, plastic, yellow eggs around the classroom for the kids to find. We also pulled some science into the classroom – Rainbow Ice Cubes – using salt, water and paint. We are looking forward to a warmer, greener, more colorful month through May!

April Birthdays:

We celebrated –

April 2nd – Mason

April 8th – Hailey

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